If you're wondering...

My first day home alone

Today was my first day home alone, and it didn't totally suck. I managed to shower by myself without passing out, although my back is much cleaner than my front because I'm afraid to turn around and have the water hit my chest directly. Also, Jason checked my dressings when he got home from work, and I've got a tiny little bit of blood on my right side that suggests things haven't quite closed up (and since my right arm is dominant, our theory is I'm reaching for things more with that side and straining it). Some co-workers came to visit and brought me Taco Bell for lunch, and they basically told me to stay home all week if I need it and just attend meetings via conference call. I was planning on heading back in Wednesday, so I might just stay home an extra day - I would probably be too worn out to make it through the whole day anyway, and I just felt like I had to go in for a meeting that morning. So staying home, with my boss' encouragement no less, sounds like a good idea. I'd like to at least stay home until I'm no longer oozing.

I don't really have any pain anymore (other than an occasional sharp pain on my right breast in the general area of the oozing). I've just got lots of soreness and some quality itching, especially at the ends of my stitches in my armpits. And Jason has admired the quality brusing (none of which I can see without a mirror since it's all on the bottom) - lots of shades of red, purple and yellow. I quickly tried on one of the sports bras we bought at Wal-mart last weekend, and the good news is it fits. It probably won't feel comfortable to wear it for at least a week or so, though - I'm afraid of seams and things rubbing against wounds and irritating them.

Things I can now do that I couldn't do 48 hours ago:

put on a pullover shirt

reach into the icemaker bin in the freezer

wash my own hair

bend over to put on my pants (I had been working a squat method)

climb in and out of our bed (it's high off the ground)

get the surgical bra on and off by myself, gauze and all

carry (lightweight) things up and down the stairs

Progress! Hurrah!