If you're wondering...

I'm showered

It's 5 am, I'm showered and somewhat dressed (I'm not wearing a bra to the hospital, so that feels a little weird), and I'm waiting for Jason to get out of the shower so we can take some before pictures and head out. I have to be at the hospital at 6; the surgery is scheduled for 7:30. This is it!

My co-workers took me out to lunch yesterday (Mexican, of course) and gave me a gift card to Victoria's Secret - in six weeks, once the sports bras come off, I need to do some serious shopping. And a freelance client sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I loaded them up after work yesterday, carried them to the car, set them on top of the car while I arranged a little womb for them to sit in during the ride home. and the vase tipped right over, pouring out everything onto me before hitting the ground (and, amazingly, not breaking). Drenched with water, I scooped everything up and tried to stuff the flowers back into the vase. But eventually I just gave up and laid everything down in the back seat and drove home soaked. Not the best way to end my last day at work. But then I got home, checked the mail, and found a beautiful, custom-made Marzipan card from Lori - complete with two sets of rhinestones, one large and one small, to illustrate my blinged-out before and after. It rescued the day for me - thanks, Lori.

And I finally had the good cry I needed to get ready last night - I had a headache and was stressed and just needed the release. Jason rubbed my leg and smiled and told me everything would be all right. And I believe him.

The water has stopped, which is my cue to head back up stairs and finish getting ready. Jason will have his cell phone and mine at the hospital, if anyone wants updates. See you on the flip-side!

Other than having a very chatty nurse practicioner performing my physical (I learned all about her deadbeat stepson and his sugar-mamma girlfriend), my pre-op appointments yesterday were fairly uneventful. I had some blood drawn, signed a bunch of papers that boiled down to saying it's not my surgeon's fault if I take up smoking after surgery and end up with nasty boobie infections, and received my pain and nausea medication prescriptions so I can have them filled and ready to go before surgery. We discovered that my surgeon's nurse had a reduction in February and got to ask her all the detailed questions that you can only ask someone who has gone through what you're about to endure. Jason said talking to her helped him calm down a lot, and it was good to get the "inside info" about what to do and not do after surgery (like how if I roll over in my sleep, one breast will be more swollen than the other when I wake up, so Jason is supposed to roll me back over if he sees I've shifted during the night).

So, the countdown officially begins. I know when and where to show up Thursday morning, and we even scoped out where Jason will be able to park (he's going to just stay at the hospital overnight with me rather than drive home, although we're not sure if there will be a recliner or anything in my room where he can sleep). I need to get some front-closing sports bras at Walmart or something - I'll be sent home in a surgical bra, but it will get pretty gross pretty quick - and we need to find our "arm pillow" - the one that has arms like a chair. M-D got me one a couple years ago that warms up and vibrates and has a built in light, but I'm afraid I'll get tangled up in the cord or scratch myself on the light or something if I try to sleep in it..